Every individual has unique goals for their life, career, family, and wealth. That means your growth plan should be as unique as you are. Answer the following questions to determine if you are receiving the necessary support to live your best life. If you’re not sure of any answers or don’t like where you land, please reach out to book a free 30-minute introductory coaching session.

  • You have a trusted person to bounce ideas off of who believes in your potential and fully listens to you.
  • You have clarity on your short and long-term personal and professional goals.
  • You break through the barriers of your fears to maximize your potential.
  • You know your core values and strive to live them daily.
  • In complex situations, you can separate feelings from facts, regulate your energy, and look at things from different perspectives to solve problems.
  • You know what you need to do to develop your leadership, and you take consistent action.
  • You regularly establish and communicate healthy boundaries with your loved ones and respect theirs.
  • Your strengths are seen and valued by the people around you.
  • You lead with open-ended questions to check your thinking.
  • You trust your team to think for themselves.
  • You foster buy-in from the team on initiatives you lead.
  • You maintain a sense of curiosity rather than jumping to solutions or conclusions.
  • You know that to change others, you first must change yourself.

If you answered "No" to 5 or more, it's time for a Thinking Partner. At Golden Lasso, we understand the importance of having a thinking partner by your side to help you achieve your unique goals in life, career, family, and wealth. Our coaching, facilitation, and educational services will help you break through barriers, gain clarity, develop leadership, and foster healthy relationships with your loved ones and team. If you answered "No" to 5 or more questions in our evaluation, it's time to take action and seek the support you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help you live your best life.